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Using the latest knitting technology and top of the line knitting machines, we can implent virtually any design need, which is another reason why solemade is one of the most innovative sock-, scarves-, beanies- & snoods manufactures.


After a long development phase we finally have the GO and can now next to our Full-Knit Version refine custom socks with our unique sublimation system.
This allows us to implant even more design options for "The Most Comfy Socks" - filigree logos, background patterns, pictures, ...

Wheather for your sports team, a club, a school class or for your own store - we customize socks, scarves, beanies & snoods from a small order quantity of 15 Pairs for Custom Socks - with your logo, your colors & your style - completly according to your wishes.

For each the suitable socks.


solemade | sizes:

custom scarvesone size
custom beaniesone size fits most
custom snoodsone size fits most
custom socksAdult: Mens 8-13 (41-46) | Youth 5.5-9.5 (36-40) for women and adolescents | Over: Mens 14-19 (47-53)

solemade | custom socks are available 3 Lengths: MID, CREW & KNEE HIGH


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Here is a small excerpt of examples of realized customer orders:

(We would like to thank the customers who have given us their permisson to show their products here as a reference and of course we would like to thank the numerous customers whose products are not shown here.)

Performance MID-, CREW- & KNEE HIGH Socks (eingewebte Designs):

Performance MID-, CREW- & KNEE HIGH Socks (SUBLIMATION):
Tee The Barber1. TC WaldheimGay Pride www.yourbodyisyourmachine.de

Casual l CREW & MID Socks:

Life On Stagewww.weinheim-football.de

Team Apparel | Beanies Scarves Snoods:
Troon ReedMosel Valley TigersTuS Treis-KradenBocholt Rhinoshttp://www.bravehearts-football.deNorbCam - #1 Seahawks Fanwww.pikesnet.dewww.berlinadler.dehttps://www.fellbach-warriors.deNiner Empire Germanywww.berlinadler.de

under construction: soon there will be more info/pictures etc online | stay tuned