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Brett Hundley signed Cardinals license plate
Artikel-Nr.: 0076163
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The autograph/s on the following item/s is/are certified by T&C authentic sports memorabilia to be 100% genuine and authentic:

Certification #: 0076163

Item description:
Brett Hundley signed Arizona Cardinals license plate/sign

Brett Hundley #7

in black on right upper side/front


More information:
The item was signed 10.03.2021


About the Pro-Athlete (from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia):
(03/2021) Brett Hundley (born June 15, 1993) is an American football Quaterback for the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL. He played college Football at UCLA.
Hundley was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the fifth round of the 2015 NFL Draft with the 147th overall pick. On MAy 7, 2015, the Packers officcially signed Hundley to a four-year deal. He became the third-string quarterback on the depth chart behind Aaron Rodgers and Scott Tolzien. Despite attempting just ten passes in his rookie regular season, his success in the preaseason and off-the-field maturity eventually led to his being named as the Packers' backup quaterback.
On August 29, 2018, Hundley was traded to the Seattle Seahawks for a sixth round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.
On March 14, 2019, Hundley signed a one-year contract with the Arizona Cardinals. He served as backup quaterback to rookie Kyler Murray, whom the Cardinals drafted in the 2019 NFL Draft. On December 22, 2019, Hundley came in to relieve of Murray after he suffered a hamstring injury. Hundley finished the game with 4-of-9 passes for 49 yards and scrambled 35 yards as the Cardinals would go on to win the Week 16 matchup against the Seattle Seahawks.
On March 27, 2020, Hundley re-signed with the Cardinals on a one-year deal.

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